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Write the check and make the call

April 24, 2015Guest Commentary

Well, I am a few months past a year since I officially retired from AAHomecare and the national spotlight as a spokesman and advocate for the independent HME provider community. A lot has transpired over the past year and much of it has not been good for the average HME owner. I've seen many friends lose their businesses, go bankrupt, or give up any chance of financial success just to keep the doors open.My friend and a former member of AAHomecare's board of directors, H. Wayne Sale, was forced to...

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Q&A: Wayne Stanfield

November 8, 2013Liz Beaulieu, Editor

WASHINGTON - It's ironic that Wayne Stanfield feels comfortable retiring now that NAIMES is part of AAHomecare.After all, NAIMES was created in 2007 to meet the needs of the smaller and independent providers that felt neglected by the industry's largest association.But the AAHomecare of today isn't the AAHomecare of six years ago—and that's a good thing, says Stanfield, who was on staff there from April, when NAIMES merged with the association, until Nov. 15, when he retires.“With Tom...

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Leading industry associations join forces

April 26, 2013Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - In the biggest sign of industry unity yet, AAHomecare and NAIMES announced April 26 that they will merge into one organization.“This is a time when we most need to have the industry all on one page,” said Wayne Stanfield, NAIMES president and CEO. “This will create a better, more focused and reenergized trade association.”The merger, effective May 22, will bring about 140 new members under the AAHomecare umbrella, increasing its membership to about 600 members.That's...

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Industry opens up multiple fronts against bid program

March 22, 2013Leif Kothe

WASHINGTON - With a new bill for the market-pricing program (MPP) expected to drop soon, industry stakeholders are mulling another legislative tactic in the fight against competitive bidding: a delay in the implementation of Round 2.Congress has mandated CMS to implement Round 2 in 2013—but not necessarily on July 1. Stakeholders are working with members of Congress to create legislation that would delay the program's start date until the end of the year.“We're using this delay as a tactic...

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On the Editor's Desk

MPP madness

October 26, 2012Liz Beaulieu, Editor

The amount of talk and activity around the market-pricing program (MPP) is really at a pitch and fever that I've never heard and seen before. That's a big deal. I know I haven't been around the HME industry as long as some of you, but I've been around long enough to remember the Hobson-Tanner bill, one of the first efforts to squash competitive bidding, which made the rounds in D.C. at least six years ago. When it comes to the industry's current efforts with MPP, I know there's never too much talk...

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