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Wayne Grau


Stakeholders: ‘We want to fix this issue for good’

February 27, 2023Liz Beaulieu, Editor

WASHINGTON – Complex rehab stakeholders, including NCART, AAHomecare, U.S. Rehab and state and regional associations, are working on a more comprehensive strategy for service and repair reform.  While they hadn’t finalized that strategy at press time in early February, stakeholders say the main areas that need to be addressed are increased reimbursement for service and repairs, decreased administrative burdens and improved communication with consumers.  “We want...

AAHomecare, NCART, U.S. Rehab, wheelchair repairs

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Warranties: Why are we taking it on the chin?

April 29, 2019Letter to the Editor

As I am dealing with the 10th warranty issue for power chairs this month, I feel the need to express something that has bothered me for years. I should also add that we are a one location, small company with big dreams, so 10 warranty issues in one month is a lot.I am an ATP that has been serving my client base for years, and I am talking back when the power chairs were belt drive and tilt-in-space was a futuristic dream.My issue is this: As an industry why are we still taking it on the chin for...

Power Wheelchair, wheelchair repairs

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CMS applies 'logic' to documentation requirements for repairs

August 29, 2014Leah Hoenen

WASHINGTON - In the face of mounting pressure from industry stakeholders and advocacy groups, CMS has changed its tune about documentation requirements for wheelchair repairs.In an Aug. 1 notice, the agency states that the initial purchase of equipment by Medicare is enough to establish medical necessity, so when reviewing claims for repairs, contractors only have to review for continued medical necessity of the item and necessity of the repair.“It encouraged me that it's the first thing I've...

Audits, Documentation, wheelchair repairs

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Stakeholders, CMS talk wheelchair repairs

November 22, 2013Elizabeth Deprey

WASHINGTON - When CMS agreed to a meeting to discuss ongoing issues surrounding power mobility device (PMD) repairs, the agency had a rude awakening, industry stakeholders say. “CMS seemed shocked at the convoluted nature of the repair side of things,” said Peter Rankin, government affairs manager at AAHomecare. “They were also under the impression that repairs were a profit driver for providers, when they're actually a loss driver.”On Nov. 14, stakeholders met with the...

AAHomecare, Alex Bennewith, CMS, Peter Rankin, PMD, United Spinal, wheelchair repairs

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Providers stand ready to fill Roadrunner's shoes

October 25, 2013Elizabeth Deprey

Roadrunner Mobility, which provides power wheelchair repairs through a nationwide network of technicians, is set to close by the end of this year. But its customers won't be left in the lurch. “Providers have been calling me looking for Roadrunner's ex-customers so they can offer them repair services,” said Martin Szmal, founder of The Mobility Consultants.Invacare announced in July that it would close Roadrunner Mobility. It acquired the company in 2007, when it had 100 customers.One...

roadrunner mobility, wheelchair repairs

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