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Be a champion for your patients, caregivers


Readers of HME News already know the statistics: The number of people with chronic care needs who wish to age at home will soon exceed the number of caregivers available to help.

Be the hero

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How many of you HME providers find yourselves interacting more with caregivers than the actual users of your equipment and services? Do you know what these caregivers, who aren’t growing in numbers fast enough, need most?

Caregiver's corner

Provider's e-book helps caregivers discover equipment

EL PASO, Texas – After Dora Williams’ grandfather had a stroke, she and her family struggled to provide home care and they felt they had no one to turn to.

I haven't seen so much HME in one place since my last visit to Black Bear Medical.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

They came clutching Medicare cards, fingers wrapped firmly around cane handles and rollator grips.

I haven't seen so much home medical equipment in one place since my last visit to Black Bear Medical.