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CPAP compliance

Several factors affect CPAP compliance, researchers say


GLENVIEW, Ill. – Hypertension is associated with poor CPAP compliance, say researchers in a recent article published in CHEST Journal.

Solving the compliance puzzle


One of the keys to improving CPAP compliance is to understand where the challenges lie. To raise the static 55% compliance rate, providers need to learn about patient issues and set out to correct them, sleep vendors say.

Reporter's notebook: Why the middling CPAP compliance?


It’s a number that’s floated around the industry for years: a CPAP compliance rate stuck at an average of about 55%.

Providers look to technology to boost compliance


YARMOUTH, Maine – With compliance rates for CPAP therapy that fall somewhere between 51% and 75%, about half of the respondents to a recent HME NewsPoll admit there’s room for improvement.

Patient engagement key to compliance, Green says

Over a five-year period, a compliant patient generates $1,569 in revenues vs. $410 for a non-compliant patient

LAS VEGAS – CPAP providers need to look beyond setups to boost their bottom lines, says Mary Beth Green, who spoke at Medtrade Spring last week.

ResMed studies target comfort, compliance


SAN DIEGO – A study presented this week at the American Thoracic Society 2014 International Conference shows a new algorithm can make APAP therapy more comfortable for women.

Exposure improves CPAP compliance, study finds


CHACAGO – Exposure therapy can help desensitize patients to the claustrophobia or intolerance they may experience when using CPAP machines, a new study suggests.

Mail-order migration


It’s been a busy year for Rich Roberts, CEO of CPAP Care Club in Nashville, Tenn. In just 12 months, he’s made a dozen acquisitions, tripled his workforce and won CPAP contracts in every market.

Compliance: Deepen referral relationships


Q. How can our updated adherence program deepen our referral relationships and help drive more referrals?

Compliance: Use the best terminology

Q. Why do you use the term “adherence?”

A. I prefer to use the term “adherence” versus “compliance” when referring to keeping patients on CPAP therapy for two reasons: 1) it’s a clearer way to communicate the idea and 2) it syncs with the terminology of referral sources.