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iPads, home sleep tests and a mea culpa: Must be the year in sleep


Despite the plethora of news across the specialty provider spectrum in 2011, it was a real eye opener to learn that the year's top stories all dealt with sleep. But that's about all they had in common. From there, the stories diverge, highlighting new ideas, new markets and new competition.

Activa Medical proves there's life after audit, embraces cash sales


RALEIGH, N.C. - After Medicare broke the camel's back in the form of a $1 million audit, provider Vince Cole decided it was time for a change.

CPAP2Go opens third location


WEST ALLIS, Wis. - The Sleep Wellness Institute is banking on a lot of foot traffic for its newest CPAP2Go retail store.

medSage offers range of services


PITTSBURGH - John Durkee doesn't deny the perception that medSage Technologies is "a CPAP company" that, for the most part, helps HME providers contact patients about replacing supplies like masks.

Reliable turns up heat with marketing plan


Pens and magnets are all well and good but Reliable Respiratory wanted to create a buzz with its latest marketing efforts.
The answer: tiny bottles of Tabasco sauce with customized back labels.

Graymark Healthcare's earnings up


It looks like Graymark Healthcare's renewed focus on sleep is paying off: Revenues increased 30% in 2010, the provider reported March 28.
Revenues for the year ended Dec. 31, 2010 were $22.8 million up from $17.6 million in 2009. The increase is attributed to, among other things, added revenues from Graymark's acquisitions of Somni sleep centers in 2009.

Provider becomes triple treat with sleep lab venture


They don't do anything small at Active Healthcare, so when the CPAP provider decided recently to get into the diagnostic side of sleep, it opened not one, but three sleep labs.

First person: Audit keeping you up?


Provider Gary Rench owns a small DME company, Sandcreek Medical in Sandpoint, Idaho. In an e-mail to HME News, he says he's just a normal guy trying to play by the rules and make a living.

Reliable Respiratory takes show on road


Respiratory therapist Bob Chase likes to help people get a good night's sleep, and now he's hitting the open road to do just that.
Chase is director of clinical services for Reliable Respiratory, which in January launched the CPAP Road Tour, a yearlong series of educational events that will be held throughout New England.

CMS admits RAC got it wrong


CMS plans to halt automated CPAP audits in Jurisdiction D after learning that its contractor has misinterpreted Medicare policy, AAHomecare reported this week.