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Sigvaris changes name


PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – Sigvaris is now Sigvaris Group. The company, which has been making compression socks and hosiery for 150 years, will use the name change “to build a customer centric platform for innovation and growth,” it says.

Health Complex Medical has it ‘All Taken Care Of’


WATERBURY, Conn. – Health Complex Medical is “scrapping” its old messaging with a rebrand that highlights its expanded sleep services.

Branding: Put your name on display

Q. Where can I find branding opportunities?

A. After my first day at the American Society on Aging conference in Chicago, I was shocked. More than 3,000 professionals were in attendance and many that I spoke to were unfamiliar with HME.  

Branding: Spread the gospel

Q. Who are brand evangelists and how do I get them?

A. Brand evangelists are your business’s greatest fans. They not only purchase your products and services, but spread your message throughout their circles of influence.

Medforce provides power for productivity


SUFFANY, N.Y. – Medforce Technologies has revealed a new brand identity—logo, tag line, product names and website. “Frankly, we’ve been so focused on investing in our technology, our brand and marketing had been neglected,” said Esther Apter, Medforce’s founder and CEO.

Branding: Tap resources at hand

Q. How can I build a brand without spending a lot of money?

A. Building a brand can be overwhelming for small business owners when line items for marketing compete with payroll costs. With strategy and keen execution, businesses of all sizes can build a brand without breaking their budgets.

Branding: Be that company

Q. What is a brand and why does building one matter?

A. Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, Apple. 

Option Care makes comeback


DEERFIELD, Ill. – Walgreens Infusion Services is now Option Care.

Walgreen entered the home infusion market in 2007 when it acquired Option Care for $850 million.

Five lessons learned from an HME newbie

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Travis Conn
Communications manager at Grace Healthcare

The following guest commentary expresses a few things that I have learned during my first six months in the HME industry. For some readers, what follows is surely well-known. Others may shake their heads in disagreement. But this commentary isn’t really for them.

Marketing: Play with your brand

Q. How do we set ourselves apart in a “sea of same?”

A. As providers, most of you carry the same brands of equipment. Most of you have business models that include a mix of insurance and cash sales. Most of you have some combination of clinical, sales, operational, inventory and billing departments.