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Audit round up: RACs cut checks, UPICs run roughshod


YARMOUTH, Maine – Nearly two years after Performant Recovery announced it would perform an underpayment review for Group 3 power wheelchair options, providers are receiving refund checks, says Andrea Stark.

Simply Home sues HHS over overpayments


CHICAGO – Simply Home Health Care, a home health agency based here, has filed a lawsuit in the U.S.

New court decision on recoupments


WASHINGTON – Healthcare attorney Elizabeth Hogue has been watching closely as numerous courts go back and forth on whether or not CMS should be stopped from recouping overpayments until after the ALJ level, but she thinks a recent court’s decision is “really serious.”

New RACs and new rules

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
Elizabeth Hogue

CMS has selected five new recovery audit contractors (RACs) and established new rules. RAC audits will undoubtedly resume soon. Performant and Cotiviti were awarded contracts, along with HMS Federal Solutions.


What’s to learn from Wells Fargo?

Healthcare attorney Elizabeth Hogue spells out legal considerations of sales programs

YARMOUTH, Maine – Banking giant Wells Fargo is under fire from consumers and Congress for setting such high sales goals, employees felt pressured to create sham accounts. The controversy has shined a light on how companies set up their sales program.

Create ‘open culture’ to address employee complaints

Filings against Lincare and others are on the rise

YARMOUTH, Maine – Healthcare attorney Elizabeth Hogue says she’s mystified that whistleblower claims filed by employees or former employees aren’t met with more skepticism by law enforcers.

Beware these pitfalls of acute, post-acute care alignment


BURTONVILLE, Md. – Sure, the push by hospitals and health systems to reduce readmission rates has created opportunities for post-acute care providers.

Include benchmarks in agreements


Under tremendous pressure to reduce readmission rates, hospitals are more open than ever to establishing preferred provider agreements with HME providers, says healthcare attorney Elizabeth Hogue.

Opinion greenlights post-discharge services


WASHINGTON – An advisory opinion from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) provides a framework for how HME providers can offer services to reduce hospital readmissions without violating the anti-kickback statute.

HME Talk says 98% of providers like HME News best

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is flattering and came out of the blue. Earlier this month HME Talk (no relation to HME News) asked its members what industry publication (HME News, Homecare Magazine or HME Business) they read the most.

Guess what? We won.