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NAIMES issues call to action


WASHINGTON – NAIMES will hit Capitol Hill in two weeks to discuss concerns with the Round 2 payment amounts, the association announced today.

NAIMES has also called on HME providers to join them in this informal Lobby Day, Feb. 26-27.

Stakeholders react: 'These are suicide rates'


YARMOUTH, Maine – The steep cuts that CMS plans to implement as part of Round 2 of competitive bidding underscore the fatal flaws in the program, say industry stakeholders.

Price breathes new life into MPP


WASHINGTON – Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., has agreed to introduce a modified bill to replace competitive bidding with a market-pricing program (MPP), according to AAHomecare.

New sense of urgency for MPP

'We have another bite of the apple'

WASHINGTON – With no time to lick their wounds, industry stakeholders are now targeting a must-pass bill to address a series of spending cuts as a potential vehicle for their market-pricing program (MPP).

Clock ticks on MPP, Round 2


WASHINGTON – The HME industry is within spitting distance of its goal of 100 co-sponsors for H.R. 6490, a bill to replace the competitive bidding program with a market-pricing program (MPP).

Top callers for MPP: Conn., N.C., Ala., N.Y., Minn.


WASHINGTON – Connecticut came out on top during the Dec. 4 and 5 “Shutdown the Switchboard” event, according to a bulletin from The VGM Group. The event, spearheaded by VGM and NAIMES, urged industry stakeholders to call and tell their representatives to co-sponsor H.R.

Industry ratchets up MPP talk


WASHINGTON – HME providers lit up the Capitol Hill switchboard Dec. 4 and 5 with one message: Support the market-pricing program (MPP).

H.R. 6490: 100 co-sponsors or bust


WASHINGTON – With 59 co-sponsors in their back pockets and organized lobbying efforts scheduled for Dec. 4 and 5, industry stakeholders have direct aim at 100 co-sponsors for H.R. 6490.

CMS to providers: Is your bid bona fide?


WASHINGTON – It appears CMS still has a ways to go before releasing the single payment amounts for Round 2 of competitive bidding.

NAIMES launches 'Operation STOP NCB'


WASHINGTON – NAIMES has scheduled a virtual fly-in for Dec. 5 to build support for H.R. 6490, a bill that would replace the current competitive bidding program with a market-pricing program (MPP).