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Scooters ready to ride the HME retail road


For mobility providers looking to enter the HME retail parade, market specialists recommend they march in with both feet and follow the scooters.

Walker, rollator customers say, 'Bling my ride'


NEW BERLIN, Wis. – Who says walkers and rollators can’t be fly? Not Home Care Medical, which recently launched a campaign to personalize the often-utilitarian items. 

Black Friday offers bright ideas for biz


As more HME providers emulate the retail success of mainstream giants like Target, it was only a matter of time before they tackled Black Friday. 

Vendors target mobility for cash sales


ATLANTA – Invacare believes it has just the thing for beleaguered providers of standard power wheelchairs.
The manufacturer at Medtrade last week debuted its Pronto Air Personal Transporter, a standard power wheelchair that has no code and sells for cash.

Nipro provides retail options


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Nipro Diagnostics, a manufacturer and marketer of diabetes products and supplies, has launched a new line of ancillary products that gives providers more retail options.

A 'robust' retail push

Medtrade 2012 Retail Design Center larger, more detailed than last year

Retail sales can be a very strong business for home medical equipment providers and it is time they started flexing their muscles, creators of the Medtrade 2012 Retail Design Center say.

The Summit sessions

Friday, September 21, 2012

I just finished a wrap-up of the HME News Business Summit for the Newswire, but there’s still more I want to share.

It was that kind of event.

Five lessons learned from an HME newbie

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Travis Conn
Communications manager at Grace Healthcare

The following guest commentary expresses a few things that I have learned during my first six months in the HME industry. For some readers, what follows is surely well-known. Others may shake their heads in disagreement. But this commentary isn’t really for them.