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Less lecturing, more engagement

Medtrade 2017 focuses more on ‘town hall’ sessions for education

The Medtrade Education Advisory Board wants more direct feedback from attendees to liven up seminar proceedings, and they contend the predominant “town hall” format will allow for just that level of dynamic participation.

Legal landscape: M&A, managed care top hot spots


YARMOUTH, Maine – With increased complexity in the HME industry, comes increased legal ground to cover, say healthcare attorneys, particularly in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, and managed care.

Free legal advice Friday

Friday, September 22, 2017

When you speak to industry attorneys, you get a wealth of information, more than can fit into a 400-word story for the November issue. So here are some outtakes from my recent conversations with Jeff Baird:

Same or separate

Case analysis by Jeff Baird

‘That ruling affects us equally as much as it does hospitals and labs and physicians—we are all in this together’

YARMOUTH, Maine – The American Hospital Association’s lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services over a massive appeals backlog has been ping-ponging between the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and the D.C.

Education that goes beyond the lectern


LAS VEGAS – If one word could sum up the format for the Medtrade Spring education lineup this year, it would be “interaction.”

Medtrade strives to help providers with new normal


Since taking over the helm of Medtrade eight years ago, Show Director Kevin Gaffney has become a serious student of the HME industry’s challenges while also assuming the role of professor in creating an educational syllabus that benefits the provider community.

What are opportunities, pitfalls of billing non-assigned?

Andrea Stark, Jeff Baird weigh-in on new trend

YARMOUTH, Maine – When it comes to billing Medicare non-assigned—something more and more HME providers have been forced to do—there are misconceptions about what can and can’t be done, say industry consultants.

Managers or ministers?

Court holds HME providers to higher degree of accountability

SAN FRANCISCO – The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a judge’s decision to give an HME provider charged with alleged Medicare fraud a stiffer sentence.

Legal: Attorneys brace for fallout


YARMOUTH, Maine – With more scrutiny than ever from Medicare for popular back, knee and ankle braces, some HME providers are getting a little too creative to capture business in this market, industry attorneys fear.

New audience, new ideas

‘Many attendees are relatively new to the industry, unencumbered by knowing how it ‘used to be'

If there’s one trend that is influencing the Medtrade Education Advisory Board’s programming decisions it is this: Many, if not most, show attendees have been coming to Medtrade for five years or less.