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VGM Forbin to oversee VGM Technologies


WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM Technologies will transition to the VGM Forbin Portfolio.

Own your online rep


If you’re still in the dark when it comes to what’s being said about your business online, it’s time to shine a light on it, says Christina Throndson, vice president at VGM Forbin.

Providers cultivate online customer reviews


YARMOUTH, Maine – Most HME providers have some sort of online presence, but it’s important to manage that presence, particularly reviews of their businesses, experts say.

Cyber attacks? Providers say they’re armed


YARMOUTH, Maine – A recent ransomware attack on healthcare organizations in more than a dozen countries served as reminder to HME providers of the importance of investing in cyber security.

Cyber Security: Play offense

Q. How can I protect my company from future threats?

A. According to Ernst & Young, only 38% of businesses are prepared for a cyber-attack. While companies are slow to rise to the threat, cybercriminals are ramping up the sophistication and speed of their attacks.

Cyber Security: Be a PHI poster child

Q. How do you keep your patients/customers cyber-safe?

A. In 2015 alone more than 100 million patient health records were compromised. Fully protecting patient information has become a never-ending fight, according to the Office of Civil Rights under Health and Human Services.

Cyber Security: Secure the human

Q. Are your employees a cyber security asset or liability?

A. Your employees are your greatest asset, but when it comes to cyber security, they are also your biggest threat. According to a recent study by McAfee, 43% of all company data loss or breaches are caused by employees and only half are accidental.

VGM Forbin advises on new ADA regs


WATERLOO, Iowa – Owners of privately held businesses now have to think about their online marketing when complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Websites are now included as part of Title III of the ADA, according to VGM Forbin.

Cyber Security: Build a good defense

Q. Am I at risk for a data breach?

A. The best defense is a good offense is a common saying in the Marine Corps and should be in cyber security. Most small businesses think they are too small to be attacked but, in the enemy’s eyes, you are a soft target.

Safeguard patient data


LAS VEGAS – The most valuable property an HME provider has today is not physical inventory, but patient data.