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prior authorizations

CMS announces Oct. 1 start date for PMD demo expansion


WASHINGTON – CMS will expand its PMD demonstration to 12 additional states on Oct. 1, the agency announced in a final rule published this week.

Stakeholders say prior auths need to be timely, efficient


WASHINGTON – Although industry stakeholders are still combing through a plan to implement a prior authorization (PA) process for certain DME, they think it could be a good thing—with a few caveats.

New proposal digs deeper into wheelchair codes


WASHINGTON – Certain wheelchair codes not included in the current PMD demo project could be included in a new prior authorization program recently proposed by CMS.

Industry ‘ready’ for prior auths


WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders support CMS’s plans to expand the PMD demo—with a few tweaks.  

“I’m all for it,” said Peggy Walker, billing specialist at VGM. “I’m ready for more prior auths.”

CMS dishes on demo


HME News reached out to CMS to get its thoughts on the PMD demo. Here’s what the agency had to say.

How’s it going?

Tired of the 'ping pong effect'?


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A new company that helps physicians complete the required documentation for power mobility devices (PMDs) says it has a 100% approval rate on prior authorization requests.

PMD demo details still up in the air


WASHINGTON – With just a couple of weeks to go before the start date for the power mobility device demonstration project, there are still a lot of placeholders in the latest draft of the operational guide.