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round 1 re-compete

Study finds access issues for insulin pumps


CHICAGO – Contract suppliers aren’t making insulin pumps and replacement supplies available to Medicare beneficiaries in competitive bidding areas, says the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Round 1 re-compete: Overcome cuts with volume and diversification, says contract supplier


MATTHEWS, N.C. – As Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment prepared for the Jan. 1 implementation of the Round 1 re-compete, President and CEO Frank Trammell took a few minutes to tell HME News what his company has done to remain viable in the competitive bidding market.

Heartland IV Care sweeps enteral contracts


TOLEDO, Ohio – Heartland IV Care has been awarded contracts to provide enteral care in all nine competitive bid areas included in the Round 1 re-compete, the company announced Dec. 3.

CMS announces bidding webinars


WASHINGTON – Webinars on the Round 1 re-compete of competitive bidding have been scheduled for Dec. 9, Dec. 11 and Dec. 12, CMS has announced.

New contract suppliers, new licensure issues?


WASHINGTON – It’s still early, but industry stakeholders are already hearing reports of licensure issues in the Round 1 re-compete.

Industry to analyze list of contract suppliers


WASHINGTON – Now that they have both the single payment amounts and the names of the contract suppliers for the Round 1 re-compete in hand, HME industry stakeholders are wasting no time analyzing the information.

What’s behind pattern of low bid rates?


WASHINGTON – HME providers say fear of being excluded from the Medicare program prompted the low reimbursement rates for the Round 1 re-compete.

New rates paint unclear picture


BALTIMORE – The average reduction in reimbursement for the Round 1 re-compete (37%) doesn’t appear much worse than Round 1 (32%), but it’s not that cut and dry, HME industry stakeholders say.

Clock ticks on re-compete, investigation kicks off


WASHINGTON – Now that fall has officially begun, the HME industry’s collective eye has once again turned to the timeline for the Round 1 re-compete.

In brief: CMS sends bid letters, addresses out-of-biz providers


BALTIMORE – CMS looks to be slowly working toward the Jan. 1 implementation date for the Round 1 re-compete. HME News has learned that some providers last week received bona fide letters asking them to provide supporting documentation to substantiate their bid amounts.