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Mobility providers 'co-exist' with bid program


Mobility providers have had more than their share of fiscal challenges in the marketplace with competitive bidding and stringent reimbursement qualifications.

Divergent paths for wheelchairs, scooters


The future of mobility equipment lies with wheelchairs and scooters and, based on their current situations, it could end up going in different directions, manufacturers say.

Mobility market puts premium on cash, style


In just a few short years, mobility has begun transforming itself from a largely reimbursement-dependent product category into a market that is predominantly retail. 

Bidding redirects wheelchair market


As it has with several other HME categories, it appears that competitive bidding is causing mobility providers to re-think and re-engineer wheelchair sales. For bid winners, wheelchair provision is, for all intents and purposes, a nonprofit venture.

New tagline: 'Made in USA'


Medtrade exhibitors that sport the “Made in the USA” label hope that promoting American-made products will translate into more interest, and ultimately, more business from show attendees.