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Billing: Become a billing warrior

Q. How can I be more proactive with my accounts receivables?

A. Aggressive accounts receivable management is serious business and keeping your A/R clean requires setting a very high but attainable bar.

Receivables management: Stop the slow pay

Q. How can I get paid faster by commercial payers?

A. Slow payments by third-party payers can pose a serious threat to your cash flow and require intensive and costly staff resources for follow up.

Receivables management: Offer choices, not credit

Q. How can I minimize risks to ensure patient payments?

A. Ensuring your patients come up with payments when their bills are due is becoming more difficult than ever before.

Audits take their toll on finances, according to poll


YARMOUTH, Maine – If you use accounts receivable (A/R) to paint a picture of the financial health of HME providers, what you see doesn’t look very good, according to the results of the latest HME Newspoll.

Rein in your accounts receivable


Andrea Stark discusses ways to rein in accounts receivable.