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Social Media: Harness the pixel

Q. How can a Facebook pixel help my business?

A. If you’re new to the Facebook advertising world, a Facebook pixel is probably the last thing on your mind. But, it shouldn’t be. The pixel has been a game changer when it comes to advertising on Facebook, allowing your content to get in front of the right audience.

Quantum hits milestone on Facebook


EXETER, Pa. – Quantum Rehab’s Facebook page has surpassed 15,000 “likes” and followers. Quantum created the page in 2012, seeking to connect with consumers and to participate in all areas of disability culture.

Consumer-facing campaign kicks off


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare has officially launched its “SaveMyMedicalSupplies” campaign with a website and Facebook and

Social Media: 'The whole point is to get people to come in'


AUSTIN, Texas – Provider Brent Bradshaw has jumped into social media with both feet.

“We’re going for brand awareness,” said Bradshaw, president of Durable Medical Equipment Inc. “The whole point is to get people to come in.”

Trending on Twitter: #ILoveMedtrade


OCCC – It pays to talk up Medtrade on Facebook and Twitter.

Show planners will award prizes to exhibitors and attendees throughout Medtrade as part of its Social Fan Appreciation Giveaway promotion.

Manufacturers get their Facebook on


If you’re still undecided about Facebook, these wheelchair manufacturers, who all have a vibrant presence on the social networking site, could help you make up your mind.

Social media: Invest time and patience

Q. Is social media a waste of time for small business?

A. As a consultant who specializes in social media for HME/DME providers, I find it alarming how many organizations take time to initially set-up their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites, yet virtually abandon them over the course of time.