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Wayne Stanfield

Write the check and make the call

Times have changed, but the need for grassroots action has not

Well, I am a few months past a year since I officially retired from AAHomecare and the national spotlight as a spokesman and advocate for the independent HME provider community.

Q&A: Wayne Stanfield

‘Bidding will change. It has to’

WASHINGTON – It’s ironic that Wayne Stanfield feels comfortable retiring now that NAIMES is part of AAHomecare.

Leading industry associations join forces


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – In the biggest sign of industry unity yet, AAHomecare and NAIMES announced April 26 that they will merge into one organization.

Industry opens up multiple fronts against bid program


WASHINGTON – With a new bill for the market-pricing program (MPP) expected to drop soon, industry stakeholders are mulling another legislative tactic in the fight against competitive bidding: a delay in the implementation of Round 2.

MPP madness

Friday, October 26, 2012

The amount of talk and activity around the market-pricing program (MPP) is really at a pitch and fever that I’ve never heard and seen before.

That’s a big deal.