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POC manufacturer wins six bidding contracts


GOLETA, Calif. - When most HME providers said "No thanks" to Inogen's portable oxygen concentrator, the company said, "Okay, we'll do it ourselves." The result: Inogen won competitive bidding contracts in six cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Dallas and Riverside.

Cardiosom: Fuel oxygen biz with physician trust


Tim Miller built a career as the physician's go-to guy, collaborating with them in businesses ranging from mobile cardiac catheterization labs to imaging centers. So when a group of cardiologists approached him in 2004 about getting into the sleep lab business, Miller put his healthcare management expertise to work in a new venture, MD Sleep, under parent company Dormir, based in Carmel, Ind.

Letter to the editor


After reading "CMS proposes aggressive stance on oxygen" (HME News, August 2010), what stuck me was the unintended consequence of this flawed policy of making providers who service oxygen patients on or after month 18 of their 36-month rental payment period responsible to

Compliance: Train, train, train


Q. My company carries oxygen and other medical gases, but we don't fill them. Are there any special  requirements?

Sleep provider adds oxygen


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Call her crazy, but CPAP provider Shawn Schober recently added oxygen to her services.

Looking at oxygen as a glass half full


Sure, the 36-month cap on Medicare reimbursement for oxygen stinks, but at least HME providers have technology and choice on their side, says SeQual CEO Ron Richard in a recent HME News TV interview.


Respiratory providers second guess themselves


Respiratory providers expand beyond their specialties.

The five commandments


Many providers built their businesses in the oxygen market. Now, with a few decades of performance history behind us, there are some things we know for certain. Providers are very resilient and tenacious. They have proven abilities to change processes quickly, and, historically, they have taken the high road when it comes to doing the right thing for patients and their families, even if it means, sometimes, not getting paid for it. To continue this "can-do" attitude, there are some practices providers need to embrace going forward.

Don't get left out in the cold

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's bitterly cold here today in our little corner of New England, although today's weather is an improvement over yesterday when temps could most optimistically be described as bone-chilling.

Cy Corgan: Yes, retail sales can grow


Thanks to the shaky economy, consumers are saving more and buying less, but that's no reason for providers to let retail sales fall by the wayside, says retail mobility expert Cy Corgan. With effective marketing, providers can drive traffic to their stores and increase revenue.