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Accreditation: Plan carefully to avoid pitfalls


A. 2019 is a big year for the HME industry when it comes to accreditation renewals and adding product categories to your line of business. Many providers are considering adding new lines of business since the lifting of competitive bidding until January of 2021.

New audit program makes concessions

Puts emphasis on education, rewards improved performance

WASHINGTON – HME stakeholders and billing consultants are “cautiously optimistic” about a new program aimed at streamlining the number of audits.

Take PECOS seriously, stakeholders say


WASHINGTON – CMS has set a new start date for denying DME claims with the names of physicians who are not enrolled in PECOS and, this time, it may stick, industry stakeholders say.

Prosthetists criticize proposed template


BALTIMORE – A proposed clinical template for lower limb prostheses overlooks the way care is delivered, say industry stakeholders.

Deal opens door to more audits


WASHINGTON – Tucked into the “fiscal cliff” deal is a provision that could mean bad things for providers already inundated with audits: the extension of the look-back period.