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Great social B2B tactics, thanks to one Native American, two shoes


My personal activity on LinkedIn is increasing, like many of my peers, because the HME space is narrowing. A quick newsfeed glance on the site regularly shows my HME connections serving up posts to position themselves in other healthcare markets.

LinkedIn: Check the pulse

Q. What is LinkedIn Pulse?

A. Reading and sharing articles related to work can help stimulate business ideas and inspire solutions to the biggest challenges.

LinkedIn: Be specific

Q. How do I make my LinkedIn profile reflect my strengths?

A. Building your LinkedIn profile page is time-consuming, but the process will help you think deeply about your talents. What skills and personal touches do you offer your patients? What advice can you contribute to fellow professionals online?

LinkedIn: Make it personal

Q. How can I engage with HME pros on LinkedIn?

A. LinkedIn provides a social platform to connect with HME professionals throughout the country.

Mike Sperduti: Prospect for gold on LinkedIn


If you’re a business owner and you think LinkedIn is just a way to manage your professional identity, you’re missing a big sales and marketing opportunity, says consultant Mike Sperduti.

Making the link with social media

Friday, April 5, 2013

I’m relatively new to LinkedIn. I joined Facebook in college, way back when it was only open to college students, and I'm pretty familiar with it.

LinkedIn—a similar person-to-person connection site—was new to me when I joined HME News.


Pin it then link it

The secret to understanding social media: Understanding the purpose of each tool and choosing which meets your needs best

Just as we were getting used to the idea of using Facebook and Twitter for business, two new social networks are starting to vie for our attention: Pinterest and LinkedIn.