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VGM creates cost calculator as part of bid fight


WATERLOO, Iowa - The VGM Group has created a delivery cost calculator to help show Congress and CMS that rural areas will take a significant hit in 2016 if competitive bidding pricing is applied nationwide.

CMS shortens Round 1 contracts


BALTIMORE – CMS announced the timeline for Round 1 2017 last week, with one noticeable difference from previous rounds: The contract period is two years instead of three.

CMS announces bidding timeline for Round 1 2017


BALTIMORE – Registration for Round 1 2017 opens Aug. 25, and the bid window opens Oct. 15, CMS announced yesterday.

Deadline is here for senate letter on accessories


WASHINGTON – Today is the last day for senators to sign on to a letter asking CMS to continue paying for accessories for complex rehab wheelchairs at the fee schedule, not the comp

Rep. Zeldin moves to protect accessories


WASHINGTON – Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., has introduced a bill that would prevent CMS from applying competitive bidding pricing to accessories for complex power wheelchairs, AAHomecare and NCART announced today.

AAHomecare initiates grassroots initiative


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare last week launched a new initiative to help stop the nationwide rollout of competitive bid pricing slated for Jan. 1.

AAH expects new bid legislation

Association launches campaign to ‘stop the cuts’

WASHINGTON – Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., is finalizing legislative language to soften the blow of the national roll out of competitive bidding slated for Jan. 1, according to AAHomecare.

Contract providers receive termination letters


WASHINGTON – “Secret shopper” calls have lead to dozens of termination letters for contract providers, The VGM Group reports. Providers are receiving the letters after failing to respond to the calls.

CMS: An accessory is an accessory is an accessory


WASHINGTON – CMS is standing by its decision to apply competitive bidding pricing to accessories for complex rehab wheelchairs.

How’s that for reason?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

While trying to parse together the news last Friday that CMS was dropping non-invasive vents from Round 1 2017, Managing Editor Theresa and I came to the conclusion that the agency figured out it needed to work out s