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Industry pulls out all stops to push bill

Second phase of cuts hits non-bid areas on July 1

WASHINGTON – Friday afternoon was a nail-biter for the HME industry as a bill that would delay a second phase of Medicare reimbursement cuts moved through the “hotline” process in the Senate.

Reboot: Band of lobbyists


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare has resurrected its Legislative Council to pool the industry’s lobbying efforts.

Bid, audit bills near prime time


WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders expect Reps. Pat Tiberi, R-Ohio, and John Larson, D-Conn., to lead a group of lawmakers in introducing a bill this week that would require HME providers to obtain bid bonds as part of the competitive bidding program.

Lawmakers voice concerns on audits


WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders say a Congressional hearing last week on audits is likely the first of many such hearings on the issue.

Audits top issues at conference


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare officials are working to get an audit reform bill introduced in the House of Representatives in time to take it to Capitol Hill during the annual Legislative Conference May 6-8.

Industry pushes forward after disappointing vote

Good news: House ‘doc fix’ bill delays ICD-10 for one year

WASHINGTON – In a setback for the HME industry, the House of Representatives on March 27 passed a “doc-fix” bill that contains no amendments to fix the competitive bidding program.

Bid program: Stakeholders push for more meaningful fix


WASHINGTON – HME industry stakeholders are hard at work trying to leverage a small victory in their fight against competitive bidding.

Industry to analyze list of contract suppliers


WASHINGTON – Now that they have both the single payment amounts and the names of the contract suppliers for the Round 1 re-compete in hand, HME industry stakeholders are wasting no time analyzing the information.

Clock ticks on re-compete, investigation kicks off


WASHINGTON – Now that fall has officially begun, the HME industry’s collective eye has once again turned to the timeline for the Round 1 re-compete.

Bills could deliver 'one-two punch' to bid program


WASHINGTON – A bill that would delay the expansion of competitive bidding could get fast-tracked through the House of Representatives, say industry stakeholders.