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Providers debate CMNs, templates

‘I think asking the physician to fill out anything is not helpful’

YARMOUTH, Maine – While respiratory providers say they might support doing away with CMNs for oxygen, some aren’t sure about the potential for an electronic clinical template to replace them.

Providers to CMS: Yes, please drop CMNs


BALTIMORE – CMNs/DIFs are a burden HME stakeholders would like to see eliminated, they told CMS officials during an Open Door Forum last week.

Frank Margulis: Don't make my mistakes


Like most HME providers, Frank Margulis thought he understood the rules. Then he was charged with obstructing a Medicare audit. In 2005, he was sentenced to five months in a federal prison camp and five months of house arrest. Now a free man, Margulis will share his story during his Medtrade session, "Avoiding Legal Landmines: Lessons Learned the Hard Way."