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E-prescribing: E-prescribing is 'game changer'

Q. As health care continues to go full force into the digital revolution/age, why is electronic prescribing for DME/HME so critical?

A. Just as electronic prescribing has revolutionized the way in which patients receive their medications, digitizing the ordering process for HME is a game changer for healthcare providers, supply providers, payers and patients alike. 

‘It’s coming and they need to educate themselves’

Stratice Healthcare’s Carmen Davies helps position HME providers to be part of the e-prescribing food chain

CARMEL, Ind. – Carmen Davies believes e-prescribing can help HME providers achieve a trifecta of improvements in patient care, compliance and profitability.

E-prescribing goes way beyond efficiency


For the past decade, I have been singing the praises of e-prescribing and electronic medical record keeping as important business solutions for DME/HME providers and physicians.