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American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association

Stakeholders call on CMS to overhaul prosthetic policies


BOSTON – A growing gap between technology advancements and what Medicare and other payers will cover creates safety issues for amputees, says a new study.

CMS outlines qualifications for O&P


WASHINGTON – CMS published a sweeping proposed rule in the Federal Register on Jan. 12 outlining the qualifications needed for practitioners and suppliers to furnish and fabricate prosthetics and custom-fabricated orthotics, and the accreditation requirements needed to bill for them.

Private payers ‘exploit’ O&P changes


WASHINGTON – It’s no surprise to O&P stakeholders that private payers are picking up on a widely criticized proposed rule by Medicare to deny coverage for prosthetic devices that were previously covered.

Prosthetists, amputees left out of process


WASHINGTON – CMS has shelved its plans to change the coverage requirements for lower limb prostheses in favor of forming a workgroup to revisit the issue, but O&P stakeholders say they won’t be involved.

AOPA ‘salutes’ advocates


WASHINGTON – The American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association will recognize three individuals for their contributions to the O&P community next month.

Prosthetic community ups ante

‘Get your hands off my legs’

LINTHICUM, Md. – O&P stakeholders commented at a public hearing, staged a protest and participated in a high-stakes meeting with CMS, all in one day, in their bid to reverse proposed coverage changes for lower limb prostheses.

Prosthetic community rallies


BALTIMORE – Hundreds of amputees and prosthetic stakeholders converged on CMS Wednesday to protest drastic proposed changes to the local coverage determinations for lower limb prostheses.

O&P groups push back on LCDs


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics has launched a petition asking the White House to rescind proposed coverage changes for prostheses.

AOPA: Draft LCD ‘priority’


BALTIMORE – The DME MACs have released a draft local coverage determination for lower limb prostheses.

Bill seeks to curb fraud, save money


WASHINGTON – A bill that would require Medicare to pay only licensed providers for orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) is a proverbial hat trick, say industry stakeholders.