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Robert Steedley

Steedley makes room for Letizia


WASHINGTON – Robert Steedley handed over the reins to John Letizia during the AAHomecare Washington Legislative Conference this week.

MPP back in spotlight


WASHINGTON – Provider Robert Steedley will take the mic at a hearing this week to discuss how the market pricing program is a better alternative to the current bidding system.

'Our credibility is at an all-time high'


As the chairman of the American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare) board of directors, I can assure you that there was no downtime for the association over the holidays and its activity has certainly not eased into 2015.

Q&A: Wayne Stanfield

‘Bidding will change. It has to’

WASHINGTON – It’s ironic that Wayne Stanfield feels comfortable retiring now that NAIMES is part of AAHomecare.

'We need to win'

Q&A: Robert Steedley, new chairman of AAHomecare

WASHINGTON – Robert Steedley, president of Barnes Healthcare Services in Valdosta, Ga., becomes chairman of AAHomecare at a time of change for both the HME industry and the association.