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Data-driven decisions

‘I want to go fishing where the fish are’

WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM in November launched Market Data 2.0, a new tool for tapping into its claims database that Ryan Ball says “brings data to life.” 

Patient Data: Find way to be relevant

Q. How can I use data to market to my existing patients?

A. Most HME providers already have an existing database of patients and capture key information during the intake process; so, what’s the next step? What products and strategies are most effective? How can you measure success?

Patient Data: Become consultative

Q. How do I use patient data to create a marketing plan?

A. The first step in creating a direct-to-patient marketing program is to focus on data collection.

Patient Data; Generate new revenue streams

Q. How can I market to existing patients?

A. HME providers work with hundreds of thousands of patients every year, helping to better manage illness, and for seniors, provide the ability to age comfortably at home.

Patient Data: Tap into this resource

Q. What does the law say about using patient data in your marketing efforts?

A. The HME community has faced many challenges over the past few years, from competitive bidding to bundled payment initiatives and audit programs. Providers are left assessing all available options to generate more business and find new revenue streams.

VGM’s Ball wins O&P award


LAS VEGAS – VGM Group’s Ryan Ball received the Sam E. Hamontree Business Education Award at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association’s World Congress earlier this month.

VGM group connects younger workforce


Millennials in the office are a hot topic these days, with older generations often bemoaning them for certain stereotypes.

Stakeholders warn state lawmakers on bidding supplies


WASHINGTON – A recent Office of Inspector General (OIG) report calls on CMS to urge states to cut costs on incontinence supplies, and the agency agreed. Industry stakeholders warn that could lead to an expansion of competitive bidding.

VGM testifies at small business hearing


DAVENPORT, Iowa – Ryan Ball, director of state policy at VGM & Associates, voiced concerns about Medicare’s competitive bidding program and its negative impact on small providers at a Small Business Administration (SBA) regulatory fairness hearing today (June 21).