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Patient Collections: Fine-tune where needed

Q. How do I maintain the momentum with my new card on file policy?

The essential techniques for an effective automatic payment program include: establishing, preparing, communicating and lastly—maintaining. You’ve established your card on file plan, and that’s great.

Patient collections: Train, then communicate

Q. How do I communicate my new ‘card on file’ policy?

A. Once you’ve decided to implement a ‘card on file’ payment method, and you’ve begun changing internal processes, the next step should be to communicate this policy—the key in developing a successful automatic payment program.

Patient Collections: Lock it down like Fort Knox

Q. You’ve decided to implement a ‘card on file’ Program. What should you do next?

A. There are four simple steps.

Select a Payment Vendor that Holds the Highest PCI DSS Certification

Collections: Tame the beast

Q. How can I get organized to realize potential patient revenue?

A. Turning your potential revenue into actual revenue is looked at as something scientific and difficult to achieve. In all actuality, it needs to be managed individually like any other department.

Medtrade preview: Find a co-pay ‘bad guy’


ORLANDO, Fla. – Most people with private insurance expect to hear this question from their healthcare providers: “Do you have a co-pay?”

Short takes: CareTouch, BioScrip


Denver-based CareTouch Communications is celebrating the one-year anniversary of CareTouch Collect, a program that contacts patients and connects them with their providers to secure payment or devise a payment plan.

Collections: Gather true AR picture

Q. How do I determine whether outsourcing patient collections is right for my company?

A. To determine if this is a true need, the provider must become familiar with patient balances at that moment to include accounts receivable buckets in detail and know the acceptable percentage in each.

Collections: Set the standard

Q. How do I eliminate or deter the assumption that I won’t send patients to collections?

A. What really is a good patient/customer for your business? One who continues to purchase and rent products but never pays or one who pays or at least makes an attempt? You are losing the balance due, inventory cost and administrative time.

'One financial story'


Aside from maybe diversifying into retail, collecting co-pays has been the drum most beat in the HME industry in the past five to 10 years. Has that beat finally reached a crescendo?

The patient collections race


YARMOUTH, Maine – Invacare’s decision to close Invacare HCS on Aug. 30 has set off a blitz of activity among patient collections companies.