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Ins and outs of subcontracting


AMARILLO, Texas – Healthcare attorney Jeff Baird says no provider likes subcontracting agreements; nevertheless, there are a large number of them out there.

Baird reviews ins and outs of subcontracting


Editor’s note: In last week’s HME Newswire, we ran the story, “Subcontracting exacerbates problems with bid program.” This is a follow-up.

Subcontracting exacerbates problems with bid program


YARMOUTH, Maine – Subcontracting may be black and white on paper, but in the real world, it can be gray, even now that competitive bidding has been the law of the land in major cities for years.

Aeroflow lands 645 bid contracts, seeks subcontractors


ASHVILLE, N.C. – Aeroflow Healthcare has received 645 contract offers for 108 competitive bidding areas as part of the Round 2 re-compete, the provider has announced.

New Remedy for providers


WESTMINSTER, Md. – Although his recent acquisition of Smart Remedies gives him a national platform, provider Randall Weston says he’s still a small provider.

Colonial Medical forms strategic partnerships


ORLANDO, Fla. – Colonial Medical Supplies, which was awarded more than 600 contracts in nearly every competitive bidding area (CBA), has become a minority shareholder of Airlife Medical in Auburndale, Fla.

Give government what it says it wants: No service


Editor’s note: The following letter was in response to a story titled “Subcontracting: Not what it’s cracked up to be,” which appeared in the November issue of HME News.

Legal: Don't run afoul of supplier standards

Q. What are some of the rules subcontractors must follow?

A. For the past several months, DME suppliers have been calling me with questions concerning the interplay between contractors and subcontractors in Round 2 of the competitive bidding program (CBP).