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Outsourcing: Analyze net revenue, actual cash

Q. What measure should I use to track revenues?

A. HME providers are split on how best to measure and recognize revenue in their businesses. In general, measures are organized into four camps:

Outsourcing: Streamline, automate your cash posting

Q. What are the best practices for my cash posting process?

Cash posting is an essential part the revenue cycle. Accurately applying payments, adjustments, and denials to line items in your A/R remains the key to success – one that your billing team probably knows like the back of their hand.

Outsourcing: Set expectations for success

Q. How can HME providers improve their business through outsourcing?

A. It is a new year! Is it also time for a new business strategy?

Global standards and safeguards providers can’t ignore


In recent years, reimbursement cuts and insurance deductible fluctuations have proven to be incredibly challenging, testing even the most experienced HME providers.

Prometheus turns into Prochant


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Prometheus Group, a provider of HME revenue cycle management services, is rebranding to Prochant. Along with a new name, the company has a new logo, graphics, website and messaging.

Majority of providers keep business functions in the US


YARMOUTH, Maine – Outsourcing business functions may be on the upswing, but outsourcing them out of the country is still a rarity in the HME industry, according to a recent HME Newspoll.

Quality Medical takes total control


LARGO, Fla. – Quality Medical has rolled out a suite of programs called “Total Equipment Control (TEC)” that allows HME providers to outsource supply chain, warehousing, transportation, financing, engineering, and repair and service.

Outsourcing: Ensure best partner

Q. How do I choose and manage the right partner when outsourcing business processes?

A. There is a distinct set of operating and management principals needed to outsource processes. 

In HME, the brand is built on referral and patient relations; manufacturing and business processes can be outsourced.

Outsourcing: Work in abundance

Q. How do I maintain the right culture while going through an outsourcing process?

A. Executive leadership is critical in creating the vision of the business structure needed for DME companies to be competitive.

Outsourcing: Outsourcing can maintain profitability

Q. Why should I consider outsourcing?

A. As it is for the insurance, telecommunications, technology, and financial services sectors, outsourcing is a necessity for HME companies to thrive in the new economy.