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Patients Over Paperwork: Room for improvement for HME


WASHINGTON – Much has been made of CMS’s plans to reduce the paperwork burden for healthcare providers, but what about for HME providers, specifically?

Providers prep for return of RAC

New contract, however, means several improvements to process

LIVERMORE, Calif. – Providers should strap in: After a protracted lull, RAC audits will likely pick back up in January, now that CMS has tapped Performant Recovery, based here, to perform post-payment reviews for DME and home health/hospice claims nationwide.

MACs remove ‘imminent death’ requirement for vents


WASHINGTON – Recent guidance from the DME MACs on coverage criteria for ventilators is a move in the right direction, say industry stakeholders.

Stakeholders draft legislation to fight vent changes


WASHINGTON – CMS needs to dial back the wholesale changes it has made to ventilators with little input from the industry, stakeholders say.

Nat’l roll out starts to take shape

List of rural zip codes is out, pricing is not far behind

WASHINGTON – All eyes last week were on CMS’s preliminary list of rural zip codes for the national roll out of competitive bidding, with HME providers doing business in those areas set to feel a little less of a cut.

Stakeholders bring discharge planners into the loop


WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders are counting on the support of healthcare professionals from outside the DME arena to bolster their arguments against competitive bidding.

WOPD requirement still problematic


WASHINGTON – CMS has been enforcing the written order prior to delivery (WOPD) requirement for a year now, but compliance is still a road filled with potholes for many HME providers, industry stakeholders say.

Industry presses for details on bundling


WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders are seeking answers to a laundry list of questions regarding CMS’s “incredibly vague” plan to bundle payments for standard power wheelchairs and CPAP.

CMS finalizes rule on bidding, bundling


WASHINGTON – CMS plans to move forward with its plans to implement competitive bid pricing nationwide, despite widespread opposition from the HME industry.

Face-to-face rule: Clarifications provide ‘breathing room’


WASHINGTON – Recent clarifications from CMS and its contractors have loosened the noose that is the face-to-face requirement, industry stakeholders say.