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Infusion and valuations


Home infusion was a well-performing niche in the HME industry in 2010 and industry watchers expect that to continue in 2011. There's one little problem, they say.
"There's significant buyer interest, because they aren't included in competitive bidding and because they took their cuts years ago," said Bob Leonard, an analyst with The Braff Group, a Pittsburgh-based M&A firm. "But there aren't too many targets."

Infusion industry marches on


The recently passed healthcare reform bill did not include Medicare coverage for home infusion therapy, but industry stakeholders say they still have fight in them.

Brightree puts $50M to work


Brightree plans to spend $50 million over the next four years beefing up its HME product offerings. What's on the front burner for all that dough? A new software platform for home infusion providers, say company officials.
"We have an increasing number of our providers in the infusion market, and we felt like the time was right to make an official significant investment to support infusion," said Mark Blount, vice president of marketing.

Bob Cucuel gets show on the road

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bob Cucuel has done it again. Several years after rolling up and selling American Homecare Supply to Air Products  for the princely sum of $165 million, he's done the same thing with Critical Homecare Solutions, which BioScrips just acquired for $343 million.

Upstate HomeCare looks to be the one


"We're looking to take care of the sickest of the sick," said Greg LoPresti, vice president and COO. "We want the patients that have from 10 to 40 prescriptions from (multiple) prescribers. When you have that many prescribers, you're chance of medication errors goes up exponentially. We are looking to be their one pharmacy."
Upstate patients can order prescriptions online or via e-mail; it also offers home delivery. For now, the pharmacy will focus on oral medications, although it may expand to some over-the-counter items in the future.

The time has come

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was talking to the folks over at the National Home Infusion Association yesterday. Sen. Max Baucus' admission that Congress needs to do something about the lack of Medicare coverage for home infusion is a "step forward," said executive director Russ Bodoff.

Infusion folks set example for the rest of us

Monday, September 28, 2009

My editor occasionally groans when she sees I am doing an update on the home infusion industry's efforts to get Medicare coverage for their equipment and services. She supports the legislation, don't get me wrong.