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More people news: VGM, HOMES, MedBridge


The VGM Group has tapped Jim Greatorex as vice president of its Accessible Home Improvement of America division.

'Caretailing': It's perfect for HME


LAS VEGAS – As the HME business model evolves from Medicare reimbursement to over-the-counter product sales, a new term has emerged to describe the process—caretailing.

VGM Retail hires Jim Greatorex


WATERLOO, Iowa – Jim Greatorex has joined VGM’s Retail Services Group. Greatorex, who has more than 20 years of HME retail experience, has been tasked with finding new products to help VGM members increase sales and build profitable retail businesses.

Retail: Delve into many venues

Q. What is the most consistently effective use of retail marketing dollars and time?

A. Ah, this is the question that everyone wants the golden answer to.

Maine: Providers to develop documentation template

Group seeks to streamline process, tackle low payments

PORTLAND, Maine – HME providers here are developing a medical documentation template for mobility equipment to help resolve issues with MaineCare, the state’s Medicaid program.

Retail award winners announced


ATLANTA – Medtrade has announced five winners for this year’s Innovative HME Retail Product Awards.

Manufacturers ‘buy-in’ to retail


ORLANDO, Fla. – More than 20 manufacturers submitted products for the inaugural Innovative HME Retail Product Awards at Medtrade, a sign that providers aren’t the only ones who see promise in retail, organizers say.