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VGM fights back with data


WATERLOO, Iowa – Results from The VGM Group’s “Supplier Impact Survey” debunk CMS’s claims that its competitive bidding program hasn’t affected access to home medical equipment.

Pharmaceuticals and HME: No parity

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Things have been tough for the HME community for the past few years but this summer has taken it to a whole ‘nother level.

CMS proposes bid surety bonds


WASHINGTON – CMS is seeking to require providers to obtain bid surety bonds, according to a proposed rule.

Buying Triggers: Find out why they chose you

Q. How do I discover my customer’s buying triggers?

A. The two key HME buying triggers are “the reason they need a product or service” and “why they choose your company over your competitor.” The first buying trigger is easy to obtain. The second, on the other hand, is not so simple.

AvaCare competes with world wide web


LAKEWOOD, N.J. – When it came time to rebuild its website from the platform up, AvaCare Medical went all in, with a new name and a new brand to back it up.

Provider 'appeals" with products


PARKER, Colo. – Before Bill and Doreen Leahy sold their mechanical contracting firm and moved from New York to the Rocky Mountain State two years ago, the entrepreneurial-minded couple searched for a new business they could embrace and nurture.

Do health systems want in or out?


The issue of whether HME businesses are a good fit with health systems has been debated for decades and a Michigan health system’s decision to sell its HME business to a regional chain has begun the discussion anew.

At Medtrade Spring, attendees in search of opportunity


LAS VEGAS – Foot traffic was down slightly and there were fewer exhibitors at Medtrade Spring last week, but the mood was upbeat, say show organizers.

DME is what we use, HME is what we do


Historically, items like hospital beds, oxygen tanks and concentrators, wheelchairs, commodes, ambulatory aids, compressors and other items that could be used to support a medical need on an ongoing basis were referred to as DME.

Repair techs rank high on job list


YARMOUTH, Maine – When provider Calvin Fuller heard that recently named medical equipment repairer as one of “the 5 best jobs you’ve never heard of,” he wasn’t surprised.