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Accreditation: Go beyond documentation

Q. How can I keep up with documentation be a better company?

A. One of the accreditation requirements is to have and maintain a performance management plan. Although providers provide this documentation at the initial accreditation survey, many fail to implement it after the survey.

Accreditation: Don't get it and forget it

Q. Ow do I prepare for reaccreditation and maintaining my accreditation?

A. DME accreditation needs to be renewed every three years. With the initial accreditation most DME supplies take the time to prepare and get ready for the survey. Many hire the expertise of a consultant and sweat it out waiting for the site survey.

Accreditation: Plan carefully to avoid pitfalls


A. 2019 is a big year for the HME industry when it comes to accreditation renewals and adding product categories to your line of business. Many providers are considering adding new lines of business since the lifting of competitive bidding until January of 2021.

DME MAC launches manual wheelchair prepay probe


INDIANAPOLIS – Few providers in Jurisdiction B seem to be affected so far by a recent prepayment review for manual wheelchair bases, including the adult tilt-in-space models, coded E1161.

Reporter's notebook: Crash course in charting and other calamities


For years, HME providers have been trying to teach physicians what they need to include in their chart notes, often to no avail, says Sarah Hanna, president of ECS Billing & Consulting North.

Consultants offer collections advice


It’s no secret that providers have historically shied away from going after beneficiaries who are slow to pay, but in an environment where every dollar counts that’s changing, say consultants.

Collecting at any cost

‘You’ll do whatever it takes to get that money’

YARMOUTH, Maine – When provider Tammy Zelenko gets ready to close the books on her fiscal year every June, she strives to close out outstanding patient balances.

Sometimes, that means offering a discount to patients to get them to pay up.

ICD-10 still lurks in shadows


The implementation date for ICD-10 may have been delayed until at least Oct. 1, 2015, but the transition to the new code set, when it does happen, will still likely muck up the process for HME, industry consultants say.

Take PECOS seriously, stakeholders say


WASHINGTON – CMS has set a new start date for denying DME claims with the names of physicians who are not enrolled in PECOS and, this time, it may stick, industry stakeholders say.