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Doug Westerdahl

Q&A: Doug Westerdahl focuses on whole industry


Doug Westerdahl, president and CEO of Rochester, N.Y.-based Monroe Wheelchair, is adding another job title to his already extensive resume: President of NCART.

Labor Tracker tackles wheelchair repairs


LABADIE, Mo. – Provider Doug Westerdahl and consultant Dick Fuller have partnered to create a new company: HME Labor Tracker. 

Speech therapy a 'good fit'


ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A new line of speech therapy devices has more than made up for losing out on Round 2 contracts, says provider Doug Westerdahl. 

Mobility providers ramp up complex rehab businesses

‘You can’t give up,’ says Mark Armstrong

YARMOUTH, Maine – A number of mobility providers that were not offered contracts for standard power have bolstered their existing complex rehab businesses as a way to stay afloat in the wake of Round 2.