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Capped rental: National companies brush by change


ROCKY HILL, Conn., and FRANKLIN, Tenn. – The capped rental rule will squeeze cash flow and generate more paperwork, national mobility providers say, but it’s not altering their strategies just yet.

Reporter’s notebook: Manufacturers hedge bets on capped-rental change


YARMOUTH, Maine – What’s the impact on manufacturers of the transition to capped-rental status for certain complex rehab items?

So far, they’re hedging their bets.

Capped-rental rule takes effect

And it’s already affecting business decisions for complex rehab providers

WASHINGTON – Although providers hoped to hear “April Fools,” the rule transitioning certain complex rehab items to capped-rental status went into effect Tuesday as planned.

Lawmakers side with industry on capped-rental change


WASHINGTON – A group of lawmakers has asked CMS to delay the transition of certain complex rehab items to capped-rental status on April 1.

Lawmakers back capped-rental delay


WASHINGTON – A group of lawmakers has written to CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner to express concerns with CMS’s plans to transition certain complex rehab items to capped-rental status on April 1.

Clock starts ticking on nationwide bid program


WASHINGTON – CMS announced Feb. 24 that it seeks public comments on how to take its competitive bidding program for DME nationwide on Jan. 1, 2016.

Champions join the fray


Complex rehab stakeholders say lawmakers had the same reaction they did to Medicare’s plan to transition certain complex rehab codes to capped rental status.

CMS didn’t think through capped rental change, providers say


WASHINGTON – The day-to-day reality of providing certain complex rehab equipment as capped rental items is unrealistic, providers say.

CMS can't ignore input


There’s a great deal of activity regarding healthcare policy changes with the goal of providing quality care and services in the most cost-effective manner.

Decision doesn’t solve repair woes, stakeholders say


WASHINGTON – CMS’s decision to pay for repairs for capped rental DME provided by The Scooter Store and transferred to beneficiaries on Oct. 24, is a step in the right direction, but not a solution, industry stakeholders say.