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Michael Blakey: Embrace templates, but do it right


When it comes to using templates confusion reigns. So HME News reached out to Michael Blakey to clear a few things up.

Face-to-face rule: Be the solution, not the problem

Q. How can I help referral sources with documentation?


Face-to-face rule: Step into doc's shoes

Q. What does the face-to-face rule mean for doctors?

A. DME companies need the face-to-face paperwork required by Medicare, and physicians, for whatever reason, have trouble providing it. The push and pull over accurate and complete paperwork documenting medical necessity has always created an issue. 

Industry ‘ready’ for prior auths


WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders support CMS’s plans to expand the PMD demo—with a few tweaks.  

“I’m all for it,” said Peggy Walker, billing specialist at VGM. “I’m ready for more prior auths.”

High error rate for PMDs sticks


WASHINGTON – CGS, the Jurisdiction D DME MAC, released an overview of its K0823 prepay review activity this month, and the results are ugly.