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Retail sales

Letter to the editor


Keep up the good work on retail ("Listen up Liz: Main Street matters and retail sales don't," HME News, October 2010).

Listen up Liz: Maine Street matters, retail sales don't


It was mid-August, and I was only 12 cold calls into my usual 20 per day for three days, hunting for stories for this issue, when I heard some providers making some pretty strong statements.

The first of the two providers told me:

Consumer need drives retail scooter sales


Though consumer spending remains weak in a fragile economic recovery, retail sales for scooters remain  steady due to consistent demand, manufacturers say.

We don't know what we don't know


A few years ago during a rough time in my life, I was living by myself when one day my home water heater stopped working. I didn't have much money, but the weather was warm so I decided to take cold showers until my finances improved.

Here's how you can help keep your oxygen patients out of the hospital

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I had an interesting talk recently with Lou Kaufman, vice president of patient/clinical services for Roberts Home Medical, a two-time HME Excellence Award winner in the home respiratory category.