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Collections: Tailor your communication to the patient

Q. How do I keep my patients happy—and paying?

A. Happy patients pay. And they return. And they tell others about their experience. Remember, patients are consumers first.

Collections: Consider impacts of self-service

Q. What changes can I make to improve my billing staff efficiency?

A. A billing manager recently shared with me: “I don’t really have a collection problem, I have a payment processing problem.” Wow. That’s a nice problem to have, isn’t it? She’s hitting her collection goals, but the cost of collecting is too high.

Collections: Guide patients through process

Q. What changes can I make to improve my collection rate?

A. Now more than ever, patient pay is a critical part of your revenue. Making a few simple process changes will earn you more patient revenue and lead to greater stability for your business.

Deal ‘heightens awareness’ of patient-pay potential


YARMOUTH, Maine – What does Brightree’s acquisition of Strategic AR mean for other patient-pay companies in the HME industry?