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CMS: ‘There’s no specific proposal at this point’


BALTIMORE – CMS in February began taking public comment on how to expand competitive bidding nationwide, but not on the program itself, officials said during a March 5 Open Door Forum.

Bundling: the non-surprise surprise?

Friday, February 28, 2014

I was as surprised as the next person to see this week’s advance notice of proposed rule making from CMS detailing its plans to not only spread bid pricing to non-bid areas (I guess we knew that one was coming), but also

In shock: CMS seeks to not only spread bid rates but also bundle payments


WASHINGTON – Last week’s proposal to expand competitive bidding nationwide was likely a rude awakening for HME providers who have been sitting on the sidelines thinking that the program wouldn’t directly affect them, say stakeholders.

Clock starts ticking on nationwide bid program


WASHINGTON – CMS announced Feb. 24 that it seeks public comments on how to take its competitive bidding program for DME nationwide on Jan. 1, 2016.