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Capture customers, payments

Mobile payments have increased, but time spent on those searches had decreased

WATERLOO, Iowa – Whether it’s offering information, selling products, or providing an easy way to pay, providers more than ever need to shift their focus to technology, say industry experts.

Capturing customers

Billing technology: Select the right agent

Q. Will using virtual agents to call my patients really work?

A. Fast, easy and automatic has become the new standard in today’s society. Patients want things the simplest way they can get them, so what better way to implement this new standard of automation in your business than through self-service virtual agents?

Billing technology: Make waste unnecessary

Q. What are some benefits that I can expect from implementing electronic delivery of invoices?

A. As new knowledge and technologies like online bill pay and automatic payments emerge our lives become more streamlined and therefore more simplified. Billing can be a hassle, but with new technology billing becomes a dream rather than a nightmare. 

Billing technology: Transition gently to new technology

Q. Should I implement automatic payment technology?

A. Automatic payment is something that providers must bring to the forefront of their businesses. This technology not only eliminates the time it takes to get paid, but it also ensures the 100% coverage model that providers so desperately need.