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UPitt develops waterproof power wheelchair


PITTSBURGH – The University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) has designed, developed and constructed a patent-pending waterproof power wheelchair that runs entirely on compressed air.

UPitt targets consumer input


PITTSBURGH – If there’s one group of HME consumers that has an ongoing interest in incorporating new technology into their routines, it’s wheelchair users.

UPitt: ground zero for mobility apps


PITTSBURGH – While it may seem like there’s a disproportionately low number of mobile apps for wheelchair users compared to COPD or sleep therapy patients, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are working hard to change that.

U.S. Rehab gets behind outcomes tool


WATERLOO, Iowa – U.S. Rehab has negotiated an exclusive license agreement with the University of Pittsburgh to give its members access to an up-and-coming outcomes tool.

UPitt seeks to cast wider net


The University of Pittsburgh recently announced the creation of the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP). The project, which is being funded by a two-year, $2.3 million sub-award from the U.S.

Outcomes data collection program grows


PITTSBURGH – A University of Pittsburgh tool that’s keeping track of how patient function improves from the first to second clinical visit is growing.