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O2 Concepts expands sales force


NEWTOWN, Conn. – O2 Concepts has expanded its U.S. sales team with the hire of Ken Abriola as president of domestic sales and with the promotion of John Lewis to national sales director. Abriola, who will manage all U.S.

Ki Mobility ramps up sales with dedicated reps


STEVENS POINT, Wis. – Ki Mobility has begun hiring dedicated sales reps, the manufacturer announced Aug. 23.

Buying Triggers: Capture and quantify

Q. What is a buying trigger?

A. A buying trigger is the circumstance, pain point, or change-event that causes a prospect to begin a buying process with you. Anyone trained in sales best practices knows the power of a pain point when it comes to closing a deal.

Convaid, R82 combine sales efforts


TORRANCE, Calif. – The sales and marketing teams at Convaid and R82 have been combined, Chris Braun, president of Etac North America, announced in a recent letter to partners.

Sales is everything, you guys

Friday, November 13, 2015

There was an interesting theme in recent conference calls by Invacare and Inogen to discuss financial results: a new focus on sales.


Management: Learn from process

Q. How can I best help a sales person who is in a slump?

A. As a general rule I don’t believe in “slumps” as it pertains to sales people. I’ve always believed that if you have a sales person that is not closing deals, he/she is not getting involved in enough transactions. 

Sales: Provide road map for success

Q. Why is it important for DME providers to train their sales staff in selling?

A. Most people think sales people are “born” to sell. I disagree. I think some people are just born with the gift of gab and people mistake it for having the ability to sell. Selling is a skill that is honed and developed over time.

Sales: Express genuine interest

Q. What qualities does a good salesperson possess?

A. The qualities and skills of a good salesperson are the same, regardless of the product being sold. There is a traditional misunderstanding about sales.

Sales: Mind your body language

Q. What are some of the characteristics of a good retail sales person?

A. A common mistake I hear from HME providers expanding into retail is they put all their energy into selecting the right location and having the correct products, but do not put any thought into how they will staff their new retail location. 

Invacare’s sales take hit

Company blames consent decree, lack of new products

ELYRIA, Ohio – Invacare’s net sales for the year ended Dec. 31 fell 5.6% to $1.35 billion, the company has announced.