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Apria turns to Absolute


LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Apria Healthcare now leverages Absolute to ensure endpoint security across more than 8,000 devices and to help achieve HIPAA compliance, according to a press release from the tech company.

Legal Update: Establish social media policy

Matthew Fischer

Q. Is it possible to commit a HIPAA violation when using social media?

HIPAA compliance: Providers have homework to do


WASHINGTON – The finding that zero of the “covered entities” recently audited by the Office of Civil Rights fully complied with HIPAA requirements is a “wake-up call” for HME providers, says Wayne van Halem.

HIPAA Security: Create security checklist

Q. What are some basic steps I can take to reduce a cyber attack?

A. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It is the perfect time to evaluate your own data breach risk.

HME: Not so hip on HIPAA?

‘The No. 1 focus of audits is the security and risk assessment, which is woefully missing in this industry’

ATLANTA – Industry consultants report a number of HIPAA-related audits making the rounds in the HME industry and the best they can tell, providers, for the most part, are not prepared for them.

HIPAA Security: Guard against exposure

Q. What is the financial damage to a company following a data breach?

A. A breach is an incident in which an individual name, plus a Social Security number, driver’s license number or a medical or financial record, is potentially put at risk due to exposure.

HIPAA audits could catch providers off guard


WASHINGTON – With the Office of Civil Rights gearing up for phase 2 of its HIPAA Audit Program, HME providers could be doing a better job of protecting patient information, legal experts say.

Reporter’s notebook: New year, three goals


YARMOUTH, Maine – What resolutions do industry consultants have for HME providers for the new year?

Eliminate re-work like it’s your job

Legal: Evaluate HIPAA compliance program

Q. Can a person or entity sue for a HIPAA violation?

A. Generally, no. HIPAA requires covered entities to maintain the confidentiality of patients’ medical records and other protected health information.

Legal: Don't forget about HIPAA changes

Q. Should I be concerned about HIPAA changes?