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HIPAA audits could catch providers off guard


WASHINGTON – With the Office of Civil Rights gearing up for phase 2 of its HIPAA Audit Program, HME providers could be doing a better job of protecting patient information, legal experts say.

Reporter’s notebook: New year, three goals


YARMOUTH, Maine – What resolutions do industry consultants have for HME providers for the new year?

Eliminate re-work like it’s your job

Legal: Evaluate HIPAA compliance program

Q. Can a person or entity sue for a HIPAA violation?

A. Generally, no. HIPAA requires covered entities to maintain the confidentiality of patients’ medical records and other protected health information.

Legal: Don't forget about HIPAA changes

Q. Should I be concerned about HIPAA changes?


HIPAA changes: ‘They are looking for issues’


WASHINGTON – New regulations governing patient privacy go into effect Sept. 23, and industry stakeholders say many HME providers aren’t ready.

HIPAA changes spread liability around


WASHINGTON – Changes to the definition of “business associates” mean that providers need to scrutinize their relationships with those they do business with.

Bonafide Medical introduces patient portal


THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Bonafide Medical Software Solutions is launching an online patient portal to HME businesses, allowing patients to purchase DME supplies and make payments using their credit card, according to a press release.

Don't get popped by HIPAA


GWCC – If you haven't updated your HIPAA policies and procedures lately, it's time to get your ducks in a row, says attorney Denise Fletcher.



Q. What are my HIPAA obligations when patient information has been breached or improperly disclosed?