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Help your customers stand up for themselves


Editor’s note: Kelly and Lisa wrote this for end users. As HME providers, this is a great tool that you can use to inform your patients and customers to advocate for themselves and, in turn, your businesses.

Branding: Tap resources at hand

Q. How can I build a brand without spending a lot of money?

A. Building a brand can be overwhelming for small business owners when line items for marketing compete with payroll costs. With strategy and keen execution, businesses of all sizes can build a brand without breaking their budgets.

Branding: Be that company

Q. What is a brand and why does building one matter?

A. Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, Apple. 

In brief: Industry groups tout homecare, CMS rethinks SGD policy


WASHINGTON – People for Quality Care (PFQC) and Save My Medical Supplies (SMMS) have partnered to spread the word about the positive impact of home medical equipment.

Bid complaints go digital


WATERLOO, Iowa – People for Quality Care (PFQC) has moved beyond the spreadsheet to create an interactive, electronic map of Medicare beneficiary complaints from its national hotline.