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Online Retail: Don’t jump at new and great

Q. What are the best products to sell if I am trying to build my cash business?

A. The short answer to that question is the answer you probably do not want to hear, “It depends.”  The long answer is determined by understanding your business focus and your customer mix.

Merchandising: Think complementary, strategic

Q. How can I merchandise my inventory more effectively to increase my sales per customer metric?

A. One of the toughest parts of running a retail store is getting people to visit.  This is especially true for specialty retailers, like HME stores.

Retail expansion: Evolve your showroom experience


We know that retail sales demand for HME is soaring. But how can providers both big and small fully utilize the opportunity?

The market drivers

Letter to the editor


Keep up the good work on retail ("Listen up Liz: Main Street matters and retail sales don't," HME News, October 2010).

Listen up Liz: Maine Street matters, retail sales don't


It was mid-August, and I was only 12 cold calls into my usual 20 per day for three days, hunting for stories for this issue, when I heard some providers making some pretty strong statements.

The first of the two providers told me:

Consumer need drives retail scooter sales


Though consumer spending remains weak in a fragile economic recovery, retail sales for scooters remain  steady due to consistent demand, manufacturers say.

We don't know what we don't know


A few years ago during a rough time in my life, I was living by myself when one day my home water heater stopped working. I didn't have much money, but the weather was warm so I decided to take cold showers until my finances improved.

Here's how you can help keep your oxygen patients out of the hospital

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I had an interesting talk recently with Lou Kaufman, vice president of patient/clinical services for Roberts Home Medical, a two-time HME Excellence Award winner in the home respiratory category.