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Short takes: PSP Homecare, Quantum Rehab


Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.-based PSP Homecare has launched a targeted marketing strategy featuring new radio, online and direct mail advertising.

TV ads show and tell


PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – While most retailers sell products, retail HME providers have to sell themselves, says provider Chris Wagner.

Scooter Store shakes up advertising strategy


NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - The quintessential TV ads from The Scooter Store--the ones that inform viewers that they may qualify for power chairs or scooters at little or no cost to them--will become a thing of the past as part of a new campaign.

Scooter Store launches new branding strategy


NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - The Scooter Store announced this week that it will be working with an integrated group of advertising and marketing agencies to "shape a new brand strategy" for the company.