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Expect audits to get more aggressive


atlanta – When ZPIC auditors come calling, it’s important not to throw up your hands in surrender because there’s too much at stake, said healthcare attorney Ross Burris.

Regulatory review: Suspensions, overpayments and exemptions


WASHINGTON – From a regulatory perspective, the first several months of 2016 have brought pain, and a little bit of relief, to HME providers.

The boogeyman is alive and well

An audit horror story just in time for Halloween

Children are sometimes threatened with the boogeyman to ensure good behavior. Someone at CMS remembered this and has applied the same tactic to suppliers/providers. Only this time, it is not a threat, it is real: Zone Program Integrity Contractors or ZPICs.

OIG: Conflict of interest among potential ZPICs


WASHINGTON – Companies that seek ZPIC contracts from CMS often have conflicts of interest that could compromise the integrity of the program, according to a new report from the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

We survive an audit, so can you


Just after the July 4 holiday, Rx Stat Inc. started getting letters from a ZPIC auditor. We thought we were safe. We don't cut corners with paperwork, and we only bill items after all of the required documentation is collected.

Not all auditors are created equal


"The ZPIC auditors are voracious," said Toscano, owner of Boca Raton, Fla.-based billing firm Professional Medical Administrators. "If a provider specializes in a particular item, they will get ZPICed for that item. I have seen up to 1,000 letters sent (to a provider) in a 30-day timeframe. It's a cash strangle and an administrative nightmare."

Letter to the editor


We went through one of these audits at the beginning of the year and did not get paid for about eight weeks (“Provider survives cuts, recession only to fall victim to ZPIC audit,” HME News, August 2010). We are still trying to dig out of the havoc this caused.

Providers on ZPIC audits: 'We will stand with Richard'

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

After we ran this story about Richard Lamb in our HME NewsWire this week, I got a handful of e-mails from anxious and angry providers who say they're going through the same thing.