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In brief: Remote monitoring spikes in 2016, CMS nominee faces Senate committee


GOTHENBURG, Sweden – The number of remotely monitored patients, including CPAP patients, grew by 44% to 7.1 million in 2016, according a new report from Berg Insight.

AAHomecare boosts corporate partnership


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare has added several new companies to its corporate partners program. They are: Acelity, AeroCare USA, Domtar Personal Care, Med-South, and Rotech Healthcare. The program, which launched in 2012, now has 23 members.

AAH paper makes case for preserving Medicaid rates


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare has released a briefing paper designed to help HME providers engage state Medicaid programs now that a new law has been passed that limits the federal contribution for HME to these programs to the Medicare rates starting Jan. 1, 2018.

Work group aims to ‘reframe’ payment for technology

‘Why is it important and what does it prevent?’

WASHINGTON – The members of AAHomecare’s new Hi Tech Work Group will meet face-to-face at Medtrade Spring to set next steps in their goal of getting private payers to increase reimbursement for new oxygen and sleep therapy technology, or create new payment models for them

Stakeholders home in on Medicaid strategy

‘The states are going to get less money and the big question now is, how are they going to deal with that?’

WASHINTON – A directive from Congress to tie Medicaid reimbursement to Medicare reimbursement will be a tough pill to swallow for not only HME providers but also states, industry stakeholders say.

In brief: CMS greenlights CGMs for coverage, Bain Capital makes bolt-on acquisition in pediatric market


WASHINGTON – CMS classified “therapeutic” continuous glucose monitoring systems as durable medical equipment in a Jan. 12 ruling.

New data submission period opens for Audit Key


WASHINGTON – The HME Audit Key is now open for submitting data for the fourth quarter of 2016, according to AAHomecare. The association launched the HME Audit Key in 2014 to track audit activity and present findings to lawmakers. AAHomecare recently took steps to increase participation in the Audit Key, including partnering with Brightree to begin beta testing a report that would give providers many of the answers to the toughest questions in the survey.

Work group expands focus on Medicaid issues


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare’s State Leaders Council has formed a work group to explore ways to address competitive bid pricing for Medicaid.

AAH resolves to increase participation in HME Audit Key


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare is taking steps to make participation in its HME Audit Key survey easier in 2017.

AAHomecare forms tech workgroup


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare has formed a Hi Tech Work Group to explore new technology and payment models.